Providing information on Real Estate property

Providing information on Real Estate property

Renting a House

When you are thinking about renting a house always make sure to go through a respectable letting agent. If you don’t you will quickly find yourself with unnecessary problems.

So what do good letting agents do?

  • They do a credit check on you. This is to determine if you have a good credit record.
  • They check your payslip. This is to make sure you can afford the rent every month.
  • They ask for a month’s rent as a deposit.
  •  They have a valid contract. They will go through the contract with you and remember to check what the penalty clause is if you should decide to cancel the lease agreement before the expiry date.
  • The rent should not go up by more than 10% per year.
  • They walk through the property with you and do an inspection to check what needs fixing.
  • They setup a debit order so you don’t have to worry about the rent every month, just make sure you have enough money in your account every month.
  • They will make sure you have a contact number where you can reach them if you need them.

All this might sound intimidating but remember, if the letting agent does all these things it shows you that they are legit and you won’t have any problems if you need them and when you need to get your deposit back, o yes, when you get your deposit back they are suppose to pay you the interest earned on the money as well.

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